Absolut Unveils Limited Edition Bottle That Pays Tribute To Chicago

Absolute_C1Absolut has unveiled a new limited edition bottle which pays tribute to one of America’s most iconic cities—Chicago.

Designed by Ross Bruggink and crowdsourced by the Threadless community, this bottle pays tribute to the city’s culinary culture, neoclassical architecture and its largest skyscraper.

Ross commented: “The bottle represents all of the iconic elements of Chicago (hot dog, ferris wheel, pigeon, theatre sign, etc.) while presenting the iconic nature of the architecture itself. The result is a stylized cityscape incorporating architectural and iconic elements of Chicago!”

Apart from these iconic elements, the vodka in this bottle is a “savory blend” of rosemary and olive, encapsulating the city’s “flavor” in this alcoholic beverage. Absolute Chicago takes the windy city by storm on October 24.

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