AlmapBBDO Finds Out Just How Much We Have in Common with Man’s Best Friend

AlmapBBDO carried out an experiment, taking a variety of dogs to a daycare in Chicago where they spent the day being taken care of by the teacher on duty. The agency’s goal was to show that, although dogs are just like humans in many respects, they have very special characteristics and need to be cared for in specific ways, especially when it comes to nutrition.

The result of the test can be seen in the spot “ABCDogs” at nearly 3 minutes, available at, in which we see the pets having fun in the classroom and on the playground. The commercial switches between shots of kids and dogs playing at the same school, while a voiceover from the teacher describes her students’ routine. As we watch the footage, it becomes clear that her words can apply to both the children and the pets. But as the commercial warns: “Dogs are like people, but not always” The tagline for the campaign is “PEDIGREE. Feed the good.”

Three other commercials – ABCDogs Growth, ABCDogs Favourite Food, and ABCDogs Smile – were produced as offshoots of the main film, in which a dog specialist chats with students at the daycare and shows them through everyday situations how doggies and kids are different, and which sorts of nutrition and care dogs need. That way, they’ll learn that human food isn’t good for animals from an early age.

The commercials have been airing on the portal created for PEDIGREE, a brand from Mars – the largest pet food company in the world – which includes all the key information about the best in canine nutrition, health, and behaviour. The ABCDogs portal will also offer information based on the highest–ranking Google searches on canine nutrition, health, and behaviour. Add to that a series of articles and studies from Mars in Brazil and across the world. Just like the videos, which will be subtitled, the portal will also include information in English, as PEDIGREE plans to take it to other markets.

The aim of the ABCDogs project is to lead an awareness-raising movement for dog owners and future dog owners around the importance of respecting the unique qualities and organisms of animals when feeding them, so as to ensure them a better quality of life. Plus information on animals’ routine, the benefits of living with pets, and tips about breeds, among other things. The project was developed by AlmapBBDO for PEDIGREE in Brazil, with support from Google.

Source: Little Black Book

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