Anchor Targets Teens with Slam Poetry in its Latest Campaign by Colenso BBDO

To engage a new audience who are skeptical of advertising, Colenso BBDO has launched a new campaign for Anchor which features three poems written and performed by World Champion Slam Poet, Harry Baker.

With a degree in mathematics and a sharp mind for science, Baker was an obvious choice to translate the nutritional benefits of milk into poems for teenagers. He explains complicated biology with relaxed rhyming prose to impart a fresh perspective on milk.

The words were brought to life in film by three visual artists who interpreted one poem each using their distinctive disciplines. Dance and style icon Parris Goebel choreographed “Blank Canvas”, recent design graduate and budding filmmaker Megan Au shot “Real”, and Assembly’s visual effects team led by Jonny Kofoed created “Inside-out”.

Dave Brady, CD, Colenso BBDO, Auckland said: “I love the way each film feels so different. The process required bravery and trust from both the client and ourselves to hold the reins lightly and collaborate from a very early stage with some interesting and very talented creative people. All the films draw you in beautifully and keep hold of you.”

The campaign aligns directly with Anchor’s ‘Go Strong’ platform, the belief being that the nutrition in dairy provides the strength which builds confidence to give anything a go.

Kevin Taffs, marketing manager, Fonterra said: “We were fascinated first by Harry’s articulation of milk, and then the collaboration between local artists to illustrate the goodness it provides. I think they’ve done a marvellous job.”

Deliberate in positioning itself as the antithesis to traditional marketing, the campaign is designed to inspire teenagers to be themselves, and to create their own definition of strength.

Rachel Morgan, international group business director, Fonterra said: “Everyone needs a healthy diet to reach their potential – especially young people who are still growing. We needed to reach a suspicious and possibly indifferent audience, and encourage them to reconsider dairy as being a relevant ingredient for balanced nutrition.”

Brady added: “I think it’s fantastic that a brand like Anchor is talking to young people about building a strong body, getting out there in the world and giving it a go.”

November 2016 saw Anchor celebrate 130 years as one of New Zealand’s heritage brands.


Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Fonterra
Andy Dasgupta, Chief Marketing Officer
Clare Morgan, Marketing Director
Otavio Faccina, GM Anchor
Kevin Taffs, Marketing Manager
Poems by Harry Baker
Production Company (‘Inside-out’, ‘Real’): Assembly
Production Company (‘Blank Canvas’): Brett Goebel & Parris Goebel via Studio 23
Filmmaker/DOP (‘Real’): Megan Au
Sound Design: Peter Hobbs, Harmonic Studio
Media Agency: MediaCom

Source: Campaign Brief

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