‘Anti Millennial’ Generation Z Wants ‘Expressive’ Food and Drinks Products

Food and drinks companies will need to keep up with the endless list of food and drink ‘I wants’ in order to connect with Generation Z consumers (Gen Zers) determined to express themselves through what they buy, according to the latest report from FUTURES, the new service from just-food and just-drinks.

Connecting with Generation Z, the sixth report to be published, investigates how digitally-native, politically aware and control-orientated Gen Zers are using their spending power and access to information to buy from companies that make a positive social impact, and produce products that play a part in their world.

Key features in the report include:

● Defining Gen Z 
● Megatrends driving Gen Z behaviour 
● Focus on Gen Z in China from experts at marketing specialist Hot Pot 
● Focus on Gen Z in the workforce from executive coaches at The Preston Associates 
● Seven things food and drinks companies can start to do now 

“Having never known a world without iCloud, iPlayer, iPad it comes as no surprise that Gen Zers, also known as ‘iGeneration’, are backing ‘i’ when it comes to investing in their own choices, making an impact, and being individualistic,” said FUTURES editor, Lucy Britner.

“This is why food and drinks companies need to consider everything from collaborating with tech companies and examining the place of influencers, to looking at environmental credentials, in order to engage with the so-called iGeneration. As Gen Z enters the workforce, becomes old enough to drink and enjoys increased spending power, food and drinks firms will have to shift their Millennial mindset to make way for a whole different set of priorities.”

Launched in October 2018, FUTURES studies key trends that threaten to disrupt the food and drinks industries – from new technologies to changes in consumer behaviour – and provides insight into how businesses can respond.

Previous reports examined the growth of autonomous grocery delivery, exploring the world of cannabis in food and drinks, the war on plastic, the future of personalised nutrition, and the rise of smart technology.


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