B&B Designs New Rum Branding

the-duppy-share-pack-shot-press-read_660B&B Studio has created the identity for new rum brand The Duppy Share.

The new brand, from The Westbourne Drinks Company, takes its name from the belief that duppies (dark spirits from the Caribbean islands) steal the best of the rum from each barrel as it ages.

B&B says it based its designs around the concept of dark and light. The resulting label contrasts a sunny Caribbean scene with ‘the suggestion of activity after dark’.

The consultancy says it chose an illustrative and typographic style inspired by 1930s travel posters, while a foiled monogram and sunburst enhance the brand’s ‘premium cues’.

B&B Studio creative partner Shaun Bowen says, ‘We were immediately inspired by the duppy story, and encouraged by the real entrepreneurial spirit of our client, to develop something truly unique.’

The new brand is rolling out in July.



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