Beckleberry’s Enters Indulgent ‘Me Tub’ Ice Cream Fray

According to the annual food reports of Forbes, Ice cream will continue to enjoy a resurgence in 2019 largely a result of evocative Instagram photography, childhood nostalgia and an insatiable appetite for increasingly involving / luxurious flavours. 

No-one can deny the welcome momentum that the venerated ‘low calorie boys’ have brought to the party (Halo Top, Oppo, etc.) but for every Yin (health conscious treats) there’s a yang (full-bodied flavours / undiluted indulgence).

Beckleberry’s is a Tyne & Wear family business more readily associated with the gastronomic hotel & restaurant circuit, the National Trust, Foodservice, First Class / Business airlines and award-winning sorbets, however Peter & David became increasingly convinced that whilst compelling 500ml ice cream flavours were plentiful, the deli / food hall / hospitality / fraternity was crying out for a credible mini tub offer.  

By and large the multi-tub 100ml tub category has become badly neglected, treated by the ‘big boys’as a ‘forgotten flavour backwater,’ and a quick fix repack of their predictable theatre tub offer.

According to co-founder Peter Craig: “We’ve always believed that there are two pathways to ice cream calorie control.  One potential towpath revolves around subdued flavours championed by the low calorie fraternity.  The other lane leads to retaining best-in-class ingredients but limiting portion size.  This is the reason that our Espresso, Blackcurrant & Liquorice and Rich Chocolate offer will also include a flamboyant Salted Caramel and Choc Orange from April 2019.”

Beckleberry’s prides itself on its ‘Northern roots’ and discerning outlook, (hence its Gourmet with a Northern Soul strapline) so the thinking behind its new flavours (Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange) was always going to be robust. Each 100ml tub will retail at £1.50.

Source: Beckleberry’s

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