Belgian Alcoholic Ice Cream Brand LiQ Launches Across Europe, with New Branding by B&B Studio

Blending high-end Belgian ingredients with the finest liquors for a decadent range of cocktail-inspired ice creams and sorbets, LiQ is a stylish, sophisticated take on indulgence offering lower sugar desserts that use stevia rather than sugar for a lighter alternative.

B&B Studio introduced the name ‘LiQ’ as a playful take on the process of eating ice cream and the blend of liquors – including bourbon, amaretto and whiskey – found in the products. Launching with six bold flavours, each ice cream or sorbet in the LiQ range brings together a well-loved cocktail or dessert with a hit of alcohol, up to 5% ABV.

A white background to the pack reinforces the lightness of the product, paired with a strong palette of bright colours brought together in a swirling pattern in reflection of the blend of flavours. Filling both the large-scale logo and lid of each pack, the bold patterns ensure that the brand is instantly recognisable in all freezer styles, whether in eye-level shelving units or lower-level drawers. The visual and verbal identity translates into wider brand communications through its strong tone of voice and blended colour palette.

Each of LiQ’s ice cream tubs and spoons are 100% biodegradable. B&B studio’s production experts developed a smart colour palette to enable all flavour variants to be printed together in one production run, rather than individually. This initiative empowered the brand to work with biodegradable packaging printers, demonstrating that with the right design and production expertise, brands don’t have to compromise their look and feel with being sustainable.

Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio, says: “LiQ is a brand that celebrates the indulgence of ice cream and the sophistication of well-crafted cocktails in a playful way. It’s decadent, stylish and grown-up but with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that extends beyond the pack into the full brand world, from social media to pop-ups. LiQ’s biodegradable tubs show that a proactive approach to sustainability can be achieved without design sacrifice. The brand feels indulgent and luxurious whilst being environmentally responsible.”

Jorgo Struyve, Founder of LiQ, says: “As we prepared to unveil this exciting new brand to the market, we knew we needed a powerful brand identity to stand out in such a competitive space. B&B studio captured the brand’s personality perfectly, with a cheeky attitude and sprinkle of wit but always in good taste. Not only does our new identity ensure that LiQ catches the eye on-shelf but its inbuilt flexibility sets a strong foundation for the long-term growth of the brand.”

Source: B&B Studio

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