Belvedere Vodka and Janelle Monáe Debut Stunning Limited-Edition Bottle

Belvedere Vodka, the original super-premium vodka, is excited to debut its stunning limited-edition bottle with awarded actor, musician, and activist Janelle Monáe, available in-store globally beginning June 2019.

The metallic collage design, with an aesthetic aimed to peel back layers and reveal the beauty within, illustrates the multifaceted character of both Monáe and Belvedere. The final punctuation is the phrase “Beautiful Future,” a nod to Monáe and Belvedere’s shared vision of a future where diversity, self-expression and inclusion are celebrated.

The narrative for “A Beautiful Future” builds on the program which kicked off last year when Belvedere and Monáe hosted a brunch for Monáe’s grassroots movement, Fem the Future, a movement dedicated to advancing awareness and opportunities for women and those who identify as women through music, arts, mentorship and education.

Following that event, a social media campaign asked consumers to define what “A Beautiful Future” looks like to them. Responses included optimistic messages of diversity, self-expression, inclusion and empowerment. In a series of co-created content debuting June 4 on social, digital and online, Monáe will read aloud a selection of these inspiring posts, calling for a beautiful future to start now.

Belvedere and Monáe share an understanding of the importance of authenticity, craftsmanship and integrity as key pillars of success in business. Belvedere, which translates to “a place from which one sees beauty,” was created by a collective of determined and optimistic individuals at the fall of the communist era in Poland, who have since worked tirelessly to create a vodka of taste and character.

Meanwhile, Monáe, whose own artistic journey reflects a similar determination, leads the multi-faceted collective of artists at Wondaland, a multimedia company featuring a breadth of voices, styles, and figures coming together to revolutionise the future of music, arts and culture.

“When I sat down with the Belvedere team, it was incredible to realise that they shared my passions of philanthropy, community, the desire to uplift others, my vision for a Beautiful Future, which is one where women feel empowered and are given equal opportunity,” said Janelle Monáe. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with the brand on championing positivity and charting a path for a Beautiful Future.”

“There indeed was an obvious synergy between us,” said Rodney Williams, President of Belvedere Vodka. “This collaboration is a convergence of our shared beliefs: optimism and the power of the we not me to bridge divides and make the world a more positive place. We’re looking forward to year two of this empowering campaign alongside Janelle with our beautiful partnered bottle.”

Along with the limited-edition bottle launch, consumers will also get a chance to attend “A Beautiful Future” brunch in November 2019 hosted by Janelle Monáe.

Belvedere and Monáe will reveal the limited-edition bottle at events planned for Summer 2019. The bottle will be available beginning June 1, and comes in 750ml at MSRP of $29.99 and 1L at MSRP $37.99. Available for purchase on and in local retailers.

Source: Belvedere Vodka

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