Biles Inc. Gives EQ8 A Fresh New Look

EQ8_Packshot_ABEQ8, the natural energy drink, appointed London agency Biles Inc. to refresh its packaging design as part of the launch of a new and improved recipe formulation.

Backed by Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes (owner of QPR Football Club, Caterham F1 Team and CEO of AirAsia), EQ8 is a natural fruit juice based energy drink, which provides a natural energy lift, and contains one of your five a day.

The range consists of two flavours EQ8 Orange & Passion Fruit; and EQ8 Cranberry & Apple available in 250ml cans.

“The “energy” drinks market is booming, stretching from high-energy boost brands such as Red Bull and Monster, to the more sports linked brands like Lucozade, while the high energy brands promise a boost from zero to plus, EQ8 is a natural alternative promising a much more restorative solution, lifting consumers back to their normal selves.” says Anthony Biles, the agency creative director.

The vignette of colour running up the pack is reflective of the uplifting benefit, and the wild nature illustration reflects the natural product attributes.

The logo is bold and assertive combining with the more gentle background to communicate both sides of the brand’s proposition ‘natural’ and ‘energy’. The equals symbol reflects the restorative nature of the drink and gives the brand a mnemonic for the name EQ8… ‘Equate’.

Nigel Burton, EQ8 commercial director says:

“EQ8 meets a growing consumer need for a “better for me”, natural energy drink. EQ8 contains fruit juices and naturally energizing ingredients including ginseng, green tea, guarana and a little natural caffeine from the green coffee bean. EQ8 is gaining a strong reaction from consumers who like the idea of an energy drink but do not associate with the extreme branding of mainstream offerings.”

The brand is currently available in selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores nationwide and is due to launch onboard AirAsia in May.

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