Biscuit Brand Jacob’s in £10m Relaunch

United Biscuits is relaunching its Jacob’s brand in a £10 million push that will see a new Jacob’s masterbrand created, as well as updated packaging and a new advertising campaigns.

UB says the move is part of the same ‘business vision’ that saw the £12 million relaunch of its McVitie’s biscuit brand in February.

This saw all UB’s sweet biscuits – including Penguin Bars and Jaffa Cakes – brought under the McVitie’s brand, with design work created by JKR.

UB is now bringing all its savoury biscuit brands – which include Mini Cheddars and Twiglets – under the Jacob’s masterbrand. It says updated packaging – also developed by JKR – will see the Jacob’s identity feature more prominently on-pack.

UB is also launching a new Jacob’s ad campaign, created by Publicis, which features comedian Jason Cook starring as the ‘Jacob the Baker’ character.

Martin Glenn, chief executive of UB, says, “[This project] will improve and simplify the shopping experience for customers, putting all our savoury brands clearly under the same premium masterbrand.”

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