BrandMe Provides Fresh New Look for Finland’s Most Authentic and Best Loved Soft Drink, Jaffa

Hartwall, Finland are relaunching their iconic portfolio of Jaffa soft drinks with a packaging design by BrandMe. The new design harnesses the unmistakable style of Finland’s most authentic and best loved soft drink (since 1949) and modernises the brand image.

The new packaging range is also designed to strengthen Jaffa’s shelf impact and bring greater synergy between the original flavours and the sugar free variants.

BrandMe were briefed to build on Jaffa’s positioning as the most authentic and original Finnish soft drink, made from real ingredients to create genuine moments of joy.

The design provides strong continuity with Jaffa’s heritage but refreshes the brand feel for future generations, ensuring the range’s uniquely Finnish personality makes a bold statement at point of sale.

Adam Wilford, BrandMe Creative Director said: “This is a brand with a unique creative design heritage which has always valued its collaboration with Eric Bruun, so harnessing the illustrator’s famous visual legacy was at the heart of our brief. At the same time, we needed to ensure the brand had a fresh personality and a unified brand presence across all products; this was essential to appeal to young consumers in an increasingly competitive and health conscious category.”

Source: BrandMe

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