BrandOpus Create Brand For Rhythm Kefir Culture Drink

PrintBrandOpus, a global strategic brand design agency, has created a brand for Rhythm, the first non-dairy Kefir culture probiotic drink, which is now on sale in Wholefoods Market, As Nature Intended and Holland & Barrett.

Kefir cultures have existed for over 2000 years and are said to have originated from the Caucasus mountain region, which is renowned for the longevity of the indigenous people. Kefir’s lactic acid bacteria flora has been historically of benefit to human digestion.

The probiotic drinks market has been in strong growth over the past 5 years due to growing consumer awareness regarding gut health. But the majority of the products in the market are created by taking good bacteria from the gut and creating a strain of this, which they force into growth in a laboratory.

coconuts_A4_72dpi_rgbIn contrast, the Kefir probiotic cultures in Rhythm are naturally harvested through fermentation, and contain 85% more good bacteria than other probiotic drinks, meaning consumers need to drink less to benefit. And because it is made with Tender Young Coconut Milk, which contains Coconut Water for rehydration. In excellent news for the growing Free From movement, Rhythm is dairy, sugar and cholesterol free.

BrandOpus worked closely with the client to develop an entirely new brand for this exciting category first. The identity features a flowing typeface and device indicating the natural inner rhythm that Rhythm offers the consumer. The identity is wrapped in a green leafy device, reflective of the young coconut water ingredient that makes Rhythm so unique.

breakfast_A4_72dpi_rgbRhythm is available in three different varieties: Coconut, Mango & Passion Fruit, Coconut & Pomegranate and Pure Coconut, each differentiated by a different colourway which contrasts with the variant.

Amanda Hamilton, nutrition director at Rhythm (also TV nutritionist, broadcaster and author) says:

“We launched Rhythm because we were frustrated with the lack of dairy free alternatives to traditional probiotic drinks, and also the fact that there were simply no natural multi strain probiotics on the market. Not only that but coconut is the ingredient du jour and we are already seeing incredible growth in the short time since launch. Our branded wholefoods_A4_300dpi_rgbpackaging agency, BrandOpus, helped us develop our brand identity an packaging that we think helps us to stand out on shelf. We are already developing new aspects of the range that we aim to launch before summer 2015.”

Rhythm is available now nationwide in Holland & Barrett, as well as in Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended in London, and numerous independents nationally. RRP is £1.69 per 126g bottle serving, recommended but not limited to, 3 servings per week.

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