BrandOpus Helps Silver Spoon Launch New Flavoured Agave Syrup Range

Silver Spoon is launching a new range of flavoured Agave syrups. The packaging for the new range was designed by BrandOpus following their rebrand of the core range.

Consumers’ sweetening requirements are changing and see many looking for perceived healthier options, different tastes and formats such as liquid based sweeteners. Silver Spoon was looking to expand their offerings to better meet the needs of consumers.

Agave syrup is a sugar alternative, harvested in Mexico from the organic Blue Webber agave plant and is much sweeter than traditional sugar. Silver Spoon’s new range of flavoured Agave Syrups will come in three variations – Vanilla, Maple and Plain – which not only taps into the liquid sweetening trend, but also delivers on taste.

Our brief was to differentiate Silver Spoon from the existing Agave offerings making it more approachable and maximise product understanding. Following the rebrand of the core range we again reframed Silver Spoon’s most recognisable asset; the spoon, into a reflection of the brand’s charismatic personality. We also took inspiration from the Agave plant itself to help generate strong plant cues and to aid product understanding.

The new range appeals to a combination of users who are seeking new alternatives but still want indulgent taste from their sweetening options to make every day brighter.

Amy Gingell, Senior Brand Manager, Silver Spoon says, “We wanted to launch a clearly differentiated range of Agave syrups to capitalise on current growth trends. We saw an opportunity to deliver products that only tap into recent trends in sweetening, but also deliver on taste in a way no other products are currently offering. BrandOpus helped us design the range to appeal to a broad range of users and maximise product understanding and usage through the pack design.”

Source: BrandOpus

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