Budweiser Brings Time-Honored Brewing Process to Life with New Brewmaster Tour

ANHEUSER-BUSCH BUDWEISER BREWMASTER TOURSince 1876, Budweiser has been brewed by skilled brewmasters using techniques and processes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Now, the brewmasters behind every bottle, can and keg of the great American lager are launching a mobile brewing experience to provide consumers their own taste of the art, science and passion that goes into making Budweiser. The mobile Budweiser Brewmaster Tour will begin a 45-week journey today in St. Louis and travel to various parts of the country to offer beer drinkers an authentic, hands-on tour that engages all five senses.

Budweiser brewmasters or brewing ambassadors will lead small groups of guests through five brewing zones that culminate with a sampling opportunity, where allowed by law, during which adults can enjoy the finished lager complete with its signature clean, crisp taste.

The brief tour will focus on Budweiser’s key ingredients—barley, hops, rice, yeast and water—the brewing process, fermentation and beechwood aging, and finishing. Ambassadors will also answer questions at the conclusion of each tour while guests sample beer and peruse a small pop-up shop of Budweiser merchandise.

piwo_budweiser_1920x1200_001“The Budweiser Brewmaster Tour offers visitors a unique sensory experience complete with a hot brewing zone and a cold finishing zone,” said Julia Mize, Vice President of Experiential Marketing, Anheuser-Busch. “With the help of our brewing ambassadors, we’ve created a connection for beer drinkers between the beer in their hand and the history and heritage of Budweiser brewing.”

The Budweiser Brewmaster Tour is slated to visit more than three dozen cities through fall 2014. A number of stops coincide with local celebrations, including sporting events and festivals. The mobile unit is also scheduled to visit several Anheuser-Busch breweries and hop and rice farms, where Budweiser’s premium ingredients are harvested.

“Every Budweiser we brew is the result of passionate people who put time, care and skill into every step along the way,” said Brian Perkins, Vice President, Budweiser. “From farm to bottle, we do everything possible to ensure that the best-tasting, freshest Budweiser ends up in the hands of beer lovers everywhere. The Budweiser Brewmaster Tour provides a fantastic window into the intricacies and unique methods that give Budweiser its unparalleled smoothness, balance, and crisp, clean taste.”

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