Burns Group & Labatt Blue Citra Lure Millennials Out of their Offices & into Nature with New Push

Brand transformation company, Burns Group, in partnership with FIFCO USA, one of the largest beer companies in the US, announced a new national campaign for Labatt Blue Citra, “Feral Office Workers.”

Labatt Blue Citra is a new product from FIFCO that marries the taste, look and feel of trendy IPAs with an easy drinking lager. The campaign was born from the insight that millennials live in a plugged-in-always-on world and grew up in a time where the whole world can be accessed from a screen on their desk or in their hand. The campaign displays the feral millennials’ exploration of the ‘world outside’ and the new taste profile for the beer category.  

Using a cinematic and humorous approach, Blue Citra is the catalyst that helps millennials break free from the captivity of their offices and awaken their senses.

The campaign, which was shot in Canada, includes :60 and :30 second spots, along with :15 second teasers on social and OOH billboards. Acclaimed director Casey Storm was behind the spots, leveraging his storytelling and filmmaking experience to bring a cinematic feel to the campaign.

Labatt Blue Citra marries Citra and Mosaic hops for fresh, juicy aromas with crisp and easy drinking, representing a new taste profile for the beer industry. The beverage has an ABV of 4.7 percent and 30 IBUs (International Bitterness Unit scale). Labatt Blue Citra is brewed in the US.

“Labatt wanted to ensure the audience really understood that their newest beer didn’t taste or even smell like any beer they’d brewed before,” said Sam Arcade, Executive Creative Director at Burns Group. “And creatively we loved the idea that life can make us all feel like caged animals. So, why not use our product as an actual lure, tempting these feral creatures out and back to nature for a little fun? If that’s not spectacular product integration I don’t know what is.”

“We wanted this ad to communicate directly to the millennial consumer,” said Jaime Polisoto, a Labatt Blue brand manager. “It’s about inspiring our consumers to break out of their tedious, day-to-day routines and get them out to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. This campaign makes it clear that Citra is the perfect beer to awaken your senses.”

“Labatt Blue Citra won’t debut with just another typical beer advertisement. We want to build brand awareness and communicate how different this beer is from what people are expecting from Labatt,” said Rob Hertenstein, a Labatt Blue brand manager. “We worked closely and collaboratively with the Burns Group creative team to find the right execution and we can’t wait to share the spot.”

The product is launching in the Northeast US and will be available beginning February 2019. Burns Group was named agency of record for FIFCO USA in August 2018.

Source: Burns Group

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