Café 0.5 – Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Breakfast Brewhouse Opens with a Closing Time of Just Midday

To mark the launch of its new de-alcoholised 0.5% beer, award-winning Southwold brewer, Adnams, is launching Café 0.5 – a morning brewhouse open between the hours of 8am-12pm – solely serving its new Ghost Ship Alcohol Free.

The opening promises to be anything but the usual setting you’d expect to see a pint of beer in, instead taking inspiration from the traditional ‘coffee shop’ and reimagining the consumption experience and enjoyment of non-alcoholic beer.

Gone are the hot coffees served by hipster baristas from Hackney, and in has come beer-on-tap served by master brewers from Southwold in Suffolk. And without a pork scratching or packet of crisps in sight, customers of Café 0.5 are being encouraged to sit and drink their Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free pint with a pain-au raisin or an almond croissant instead.

Andy Wood, Adnams Spokesperson, said, “At Adnams, we’re committed to doing things our own way. Our Ghost Ship Alcohol Free challenges all expectations, not just about alcohol free beer taste, but also when it can be consumed. The pioneering brewing technique we use removes the alcohol while retaining all the original flavour, it’s so good that you’ll be able to enjoy a cheeky beer at 8am with a pastry.”

Created to meet the rapidly growing demand for low alcohol beer, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free has all the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship but is no apparition, treating pale ale lovers to 100% of the taste but at 0.5% ABV – spooky!

Source: Adnams

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