Cafédirect Re-Launches its 100% Organic and Ethical Range

On the back of the newly launched branding for Cafédirect’s Single Origins and Blends ranges comes the revitalisation of their Organics range – grown without pesticides and with minimal environmental impact, allowing the flavours to develop naturally at their own pace.

Like everything Cafédirect do, this range lives up to the ‘Ridiculously Good’ proposition developed by Family (and friends) Branding. 50% of all profits go back to the coffee farming communities to help produce even better coffee and improve livelihoods.

The packaging, intended to be a confident display of quality, has moved over to craft-paper based bags with hand-applied labels featuring copper foil embossing to add even more premium cues.

The continued partnership between Cafédirect and F&f has seen the business roll out the new look for the entire product range including instant, pods and food service formats.

Derek Johnston, strategy director at F&f goes onto say: “Recently we conducted some research with Cafédirect. It told us that consumers generally think Fairtrade (as in the little black, green and blue mark) or ‘fairly traded’ goods are less good – lower quality and less tasty. That it’s the left overs, not the cream of the crop in the packet. Ironically, this is very rarely the truth – cooperative farmers and smallholders are desperate to prove this wrong – they work hard to produce incredible quality to ensure they get the repeat purchases from fair and ethical trading brands. They need support from many directions, branding included. So, whilst ethical should carry a premium price tag, it shouldn’t carry the burden of not looking worth it. Having values doesn’t mean looking worthy, it means looking like a positive investment – in yourself as a brand, your consumers and the people who grew or picked your crop.”

F&f also recently release their Fairtrade Report, which gives an insight into the future for Fairtrade brands.

Source: Family (and friends) 

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