Campari Invites Audiences to Go a Sip Beyond with New US Ad Campaign

Campari, Italy’s iconic bittersweet red aperitif and cornerstone ingredient in the Negroni, unveiled its new ad campaign, Go A Sip Beyond.

A nod to visionaries Gaspare and  Davide Campari, the inventor of Campari and his son who helped popularise the liqueur in America, the campaign encapsulates their progressive spirit while drawing inspiration from the brand’s heritage and cutting-edge vision, all of which has transcended time for nearly 160 years.

Developed by Yard NYC, Go A Sip Beyond takes shape in the form of a short film that entices and enthrals as viewers are taken on a journey of discovery finding that not everything is as it seems and there is always more beyond a first impression. The spot can be viewed today through digital video platforms and Campari social channels.

Richard Black, Vice President of Marketing, White Spirits & Cordials, Campari America, says, “With American’s current obsession with bitter flavours in the form of coffee, IPA beers, brussel sprouts, and Negroni cocktails, it’s the perfect time to raise awareness for Campari and immerse drinkers in our world. Campari has always had a strong, bitter flavour that might not be for everyone, but that’s what makes it so intriguing. Even native Italians say you need to try Campari three times before you acquire a taste for it. Though, if you are enticed to go beyond the first (or even second) sip, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Its aroma is intense, the bittersweet flavour captivating, and the overall experience transcends the glass. Go A Sip Beyond perfectly captures that essence, taking viewers on a journey into our world sip by sip.”

For 158 years, Campari has kept itself at the forefront of advertising, collaborating with at-times radical and innovative artists, designers and filmmakers to create some of the most iconic and timeless advertising campaigns; the famous 1965 Campari ad by Bruno Munari now hangs in the New York Museum of Modern Art, for example. Go a Sip Beyond is no different.

The film was directed by Arnaud Boutin known for his diverse experience in foreign films, photography and editorial work. His passion for mystery, captivation, and enchantment helped create the campaign, continuing the forward-thinking approach to advertising Campari is known for.

The seductive narrative introduces the viewer to a world that increasingly becomes more fascinating as they explore three scenes inspired by the distinctiveness that is Campari – as if to recreate those crucial first three sips. Each scene brings the viewers on a curious journey, culminating with the final scene unfolds. It’s in this moment they realise that Campari is a spirit that cannot be judged by the first sip or even the second because, like their journey, each experience with Campari introduces something new and enchanting.

Stephen Niedzwiecki, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Yard NYC, says, “Go A Sip Beyond answers the call of all adventure seekers who are looking for something new, different and interesting. From its nearly 160 year history to the secret recipe that has been passed down for decades, Go A Sip Beyond encompasses a delightful element of surprise, stimulation and pleasure. It literally goes beyond expectations and takes a risk that only Campari can rightfully own. To Go A Sip Beyond is to inspire passion, pleasure and open-mindedness in a contemporary way. We chose French Director, Arnaud Boutin, to collaborate and ultimately create our films for this campaign. With diverse experience in foreign films, photography and editorial work, Arnaud’s passion for mystery, captivation and enchantment helped us create a campaign that stood apart from the rest.”

Source: Yard NYC

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