Cheetos Mocks Cheesy Political Ads in Latest Spot in the US

Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah runs for mayor of small town Chester, Montana in the snack brand’s latest video.

CQsE384UAAArEk2Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), the short film features all of the stereotypical makings of a political ad – scenic shots of farmland, families happily waving as Chester’s branded campaign bus drives by, and voters showing their support from everyman locations like a diner and pick-up truck.

While in office, Chester vows that he will “fix the slide in the park and paint it orange” and will “install a necessary cross walk on Main Street” and paint it orange.

“I know what Chester wants,” he says as ‘Free Cheetos’ flashes across the screen in bold text, “because I am Chester.”

This isn’t the first time the Frito-Lay’s brand has had some fun using parodies in its ads. Earlier in 2015, it introduced its cinnamon-sugar flavoured ‘Sweetos’ with a series of videos that make fun of the tech industry’s use of over-the-top language in its advertising.

CQwX0qUWoAATyWw“We came up with a cinnamon-sugar flavour so forward thinking, you’ll swear it is tomorrow,” Chester says in one video. “They’re easily the newest new thing we’ve ever released.”

As part of its latest playful effort, followers of @ChesterCheetah’s Twitter will be encouraged to support him in his mayoral quest using the hashtag ‘#ChesterforChester’ as he rallies Americans to vote for the Orange Party.

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