Coca-Cola Brazil Gives Thanks with Charming Animated Christmas Cards via JWT São Paulo

For Christmas 2017, Coca-Cola launched eight animated cards which tell stories from twenty-seven phrases written on the Coca-Cola cans in Brazil. The animations can be loaded in Facebook and Twitter through the campaign’s website.

The messages express gratitude for different small rites or blessings in our lives, such as ‘thank you for never giving up on the Christmas lights’, or ‘thanks for dressing up fancy just to stay at home.’

For the creation of the 2D animations, J. Walter Thompson São Paulo invited animation studio Le Cube to bring their festive cheer to life.

“For the designs of the animations, we searched for a style that could at the same time bring all the Christmas spirit but also a fresh and cool mood to such a classic universe as Coca-Cola and Christmas,” said Gustavo Karam, EP at Le Cube.

Source: Little Black Book

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