Coley Porter Bell Designs Müllerlight’s First Italian-Style Yogurt, Amore

Müllerlight launches its first Italian-style super-creamy tasting yoghurt, Amore, offering its health-conscious customers a special moment of ‘me time’ indulgence that is fat free.

The Müllerlight Amore packaging was designed by the UK’s leading brand design agency, Coley Porter Bell, and communicates ‘delicious creamy indulgence, the Italian way’.

The design for the three luxurious flavours – hazelnut, lemon and Morello cherry – draws upon Italian ceramic artistry to bring to life the Italian heritage, quality and luxuriousness of the product.

The darker blue colour palette cues luxury and positions the product within the premium super creamy yoghurt category, taking the customer to a more ‘indulgent’ evening experience.

Michael Inpong, CMO UK & Ireland, Müller Light, said: “The super creamy yoghurt sector continues to grow and our Müllerlight Amore range allows health conscious consumers to buy into this without worrying about high fat and calories. Coley Porter Bell has delivered a beautiful, luxurious design which allows our customers to tap into a little moment of luxury.” ​

Andy Wallace, associate creative director, Coley Porter Bell, said: “It was a joy to create a premium design inspired by Italian artistry and the country’s associations with creaminess – from gelato to mascarpone to mozzarella. We wanted the customer to fall in love with the product and see it as a delicious creamy indulgence they can treat themselves to more often.”

Source: Retail Times

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