Davis Designs Limited Edition Pike Creek and Lot 40 for Corby Spirit and Wine

Pike Creek 21-year-old whisky and Lot 40 Cask Strength are two new releases from Corby Spirit and Wine Limited as part of their Northern Border Collection.

The goal of the launch, says Ross Hendry, Brand Director, is “to elevate the conversation of the Canadian Whisky category and provide a strong quality halo back onto the base brand.”

Corby engaged Davis, a branding and design agency in Toronto’s GTA region, to communicate the ultra-premium quality through dramatically simple design.

Lot 40 is crafted in small batches using rye grain in a single copper pot still and aged in virgin oak barrels. The distinct copper label creates an emotive response from loyal Lot 40 enthusiasts.

“Like Lot 40, we wanted to create something that embodies the finest in craftsmanship,” states Davis Design Director, Erick Nielsen. “Every little detail matters, from the subtle patina on the copper to the authentic paper label showing each bottle’s edition number.”

For Pike Creek, “Nature and the elements are critical in the aging process, and this inspired us to choose natural materials,” says Nielsen. “We used a hand tied Miller’s Knot made of real twine and a real wood label that multitasks as a reference to nature and the very barrels it’s aged in.”

With only 4,810 bottles of Lot 40 and 3,900 bottles of Pike Creek available for purchase, the special release design echoes the high quality and exclusivity of the whisky.

Source: Glenn Davis Group

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