DDB South Africa & Glad Combat Food Wastage with Instagram

Food wastage is a global problem, every day hundreds of tons of food is thrown into the bin. And it’s not only food that’s gone bad, but leftovers that are still good. Glad wanted to build awareness of this problem and demonstrate how their products can provide a simple solution. So they came up with a campaign that would get their target audience talking.

Glad-Instaglad1Introducing Instaglad, a campaign specifically developed to target the people that were most relevant to Glad products, those who loved their food. And of course, the thousands of people who followed them. From everyday food lovers to world renowned chefs and food critics.

Normally, these people’s food pics would get likes and comments from friends and followers, and that would be the end. But with Glad food lasts longer. So, they took the instagrammers’ mouth watering pictures and sent them back to them two days later, still fresh, covered in glad products.

During the campaign developed by DDB South Africa, hundreds of pictures were posted to food lovers – posts that were also picked up, seen and shared by all their followers. The response was astounding, achieving thousands of views and just as many likes. As they say, the proof is in pudding.

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