Dentsu India Creates a Cheeky See-Sawing Saucy Campaign for Top Ramen Curry Noodles

Dentsu India has launched a new campaign for Top Ramen for its rapidly growing variant – Top Ramen Curry. For the record, the Nissin-owned brand is one of India’s leading FMCG brands under the noodle category.

Top Ramen Curry is positioned to bring alive a whole new side of noodle consumption by communicating the product USP – the sauce. ‘Saucy’ is meant to cater to the evolved taste of noodle lovers who like the taste and texture of curry. Top Ramen Curry also adds a unique texture to the food tasting experience with a flat noodle and is available in Chicken variant as well.

The film showcases a new way of eating Curry noodles titled “Eat Saucy Style”, which brings out the cheeky, naughty and fun side in all of us. The retro theme, the quirky music and the cheeky word play makes the film very catchy and interesting.

Ryusuke Miyake, Director – Marketing, Nissin India Foods commented, “Top Ramen Curry /Chicken Curry with its evolved taste and texture – saucy and slurpy flat noodles, is perfectly suited for adult consumers. Hence the showcase of playful grown-ups enjoying their noodles in a new style, and hence the tagline – ‘Eat Saucy Style’.”

Simi Sabhaney, CEO, Dentsu India said, “We started with taking ‘Saucy’ seriously. We ended up making it seriously funny.”

Rahul Sengupta, National Creative Director, Dentsu India said, ”Everyone loves a silly joke, and everyone loves Top Ramen! We decided to combine the two.”

Samrat Chengapa, Executive Vice President, Dentsu India said, “A few funny jokes, watching a 70s flick, a great tasting saucy noodle and a client with a sense of humour. Voila!”

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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