DesignLSM Create the Interior Design and Brand Identity for New Turkish Barbekü Concept Tahini

Award-winning creative studio DesignLSM were commissioned by Tabure Restaurant Group to create the design for a new ‘laidback little sister’ concept, following their well-established neighbourhood eateries in St Albans and Berkhamsted.

The owners wanted to further evolve the brand with the launch of a fast-casual takeaway concept in Harpenden that captures the true passion and joy behind Turkish home-cooking.

Tahini brings a modern take on traditional Barbekü dishes delivering lovingly prepared small plates that can be enjoyed inside the restaurant or in the comfort of your own home. The brand narrative for the restaurant was inspired by the home cooking in Turkey, with each element making a direct reference to the things you might find in a Turkish kitchen. 

The name Tahini comes from the sesame paste that is a major ingredient in Turkish cooking. DesignLSM produced a bespoke handwritten font that felt simple and authentic; combining the logo with a pattern and coloured palette that evoked the freshness of the Mediterranean.

The brand identity was applied across a range of applications including menus, stationery, recipe cards, uniforms and signage; where possible the designers tried to incorporate hand finished elements such as the stitched bill holders. DesignLSM also created copy for the menu content and website alongside producing a robust set of guidelines.  

Steve Campion, Brand Director, DesignLSM said: “It was important that the visual identity referenced home-cooking in Turkey but in a unique modern way. We created our own take on a Turkish pattern that was commonly found on tea towels and combined that with a copper finishes for the logotype, making reference of the copper pots and pans you may find in a Turkish home kitchen.”

Taking its cues from the decorative and colourful tones of Turkish design, the interior is vibrant, warm and inviting with a beautifully crafted open kitchen taking centre stage.

The three-seater counter is constructed from natural veneered timber and marble quartz combined with a bespoke cooper gantry which emphasises Tahini’s authentic cooking process. The open layout of the design allows rich, smokey aromas to fill the restaurant space from the traditional hearth oven which forms the main backdrop of the kitchen.

A colour-blocked ceiling and wall tiles in deep blue defines the intimate seating area and enriches the intricate details including the terracotta pendant lights and statement pattern flooring inspired by woven Persian tapestry. The shopfront has been refreshed in a modern clean white palette complemented by contemporary copper signage.   

The overall scheme evokes a modern reinvention of Turkish dining allowing guests to discover the fresh and innovative flavours of Tahini’s cuisine in a relaxed and casual setting.

Source: DesignLSM

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