DON Smallgoods is Looking for The Dons of Australia in New Campaign

Who better to sell DON’s significant range of meat products than the Dons who actually eat them? DON Smallgoods has re-introduced itself to Australia with a new integrated campaign from DDB Group Melbourne.

DON is looking for every man, woman and child in the nation that goes by the name ‘Don’ (Donnas, Donatellas and Don Juans, too). And once they find them? These fortunately named individuals will have the chance to be the new faces of one of the nation’s most iconic brands. They’ll show us first-hand the integral role DON Smallgoods plays in the many and varied rituals of modern Australia. Starring in DON ads, scoffing free DON products, enjoying exclusive DON junkets – the works.

Glen Dickson, creative director, DDB Melbourne said: “I know what it’s like to be held back by an unfashionable first name. But all that’s about to change for The Dons of Australia. Their ship’s finally come in. And it’s full of meat.”

Cathy Bertoncello, marketing director, DON Smallgoods said: “DON is an iconic Australian brand that has become a part of Australian culture. So much so we wanted to take the next step and celebrate this connection. But we also wanted to retain the tone of voice people have come to enjoy over the years. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us.”

So – are you called Don? Maybe Donna? Sign up here for your shot at meat related fame and glory.

Source: Campaign Brief

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