Foster’s ‘Good Call’ Hits The Road

Heineken lager brand Fosters is to run an experiential marketing campaign to support its continued ‘Good Call’ TV advertising.

Developed by Space, the activity will see brand ambassadors invite customers to play the Good Call, Bad Call Wheel of Fortune Game, which will be located at both the Old Trafford County Cricket Ground in Manchester during the Third Test of The Ashes Series, followed by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival between 14-16 August in George Square Gardens.

Fosters Experiential_0Consumers will spin the wheel with the hope of it landing on a ‘Good Call’ section, where they will win a branded prize. However, should it land on a ‘Bad Call’ section, then the competitor must face a forfeit of wearing an ‘outrageous Australian outfit’ of some description.

Players will be encouraged to upload photos and videos of playing the game to their Twitter and Facebook profiles, with further branded incentives on offer for doing so, while the Foster’s Facebook page will also post pictures featuring contestants.

Gayle Harrison, brand director for Foster’s, explained: “We focused on key sports and entertainment events for this experiential campaign to complement the brand’s ‘No Worries’ approach to life. Space have tapped into that vein perfectly, with activity that mirrors our current above-the-line advertising campaign and brings a fun and interactive dimension to the brand.”

Sean Kelly, group account director at Space, explained that the activity was devised in order to bring the TV advertising to life during the Ashes and Edinburgh Festival.

“The great thing about the Foster’s ‘Good Call, Bad Call’ campaign is that even if you make a ‘Bad Call’, you can still get a piece of the action by getting your mates to share their pictures of you online and having the chance to receive a prize,” added Kelly.

Further activity for the experiential campaign is expected to run after its run at the Fringe concludes.

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