Frank Digital Creates a Digital Rejuvenation for Campos Coffee with Newly Launched Website

oct-2016_campos2xCampos Coffee has launched its new website via digital agency Frank Digital.

Starting with the sole belief that coffee only tastes good when it’s made ethically and with care, Frank Digital were tasked with crafting the digital rejuvenation of the Campos Coffee website which also has an e-commerce component.

Matt Barbelli, founder and creative director, Frank Digital said: “It was awe inspiring to work with Will and the team. From the first meeting you could feel the passion these guys had for the brand, the business and the industry. Campos understands the meaning of social responsibility and they live it in every way everyday. They really should be held up as a great example of doing things the right way. It was an honour to work with Will and the team.”

Quality coffee cultivated by good. It’s the simple truth the Campos business is built on and Frank Digital was tasked with the challenge of bringing the ethos to life online while also driving an increase in product sales and franchise enquiries.

campos-coffee1Nathan James, head of marketing, Campos Coffee said: “We’ve been on a long journey at Campos, developing our and story and it was important it was done with integrity, authenticity and depth in order to be true to who we are. We want our customers to understand the dedication and care that goes into every cup of coffee so it can be the best it can be. We also want them to understand the incredible amount of ‘good’ in the world that each green cup helps create.”

Taking advantage of the Woo Commerce platform Frank Digital crafted a seamless shopping experience that helped users find the right beans for their taste buds. The clean and simple interface along with intelligent filtering allows for a quick and simple sales process. With all the functionality of the desktop environment Frank Digital simplified the user journey for mobile sales. Meaning users can now purchase Campos coffee anywhere and anytime.

campos-coffee2Ana Jesus, director, Frank Digital added: “We focused on creating something meaningful for Campos coffee lovers. There was a lot of thought involved, and all the details were carefully considered – from the use of typography, iconography, colour and imagery, to organic layouts and subtle animations. We were passionately engaged. The result is a website that we’re proud of and that truly brings the essence of Campos to life – it’s about the coffee, the story, the passion for the craft and the people involved.”

At the end of the day Frank Digital wanted to design and build a digital brand experience that reflected the quality and craftsmanship that goes into cup of Campos Coffee. The site launched two days ago and has already been shortlisted for an AWWWards & CSSDA.

Source: Campaign Brief

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