Got Milk? Whatever – #WeAreMore Says New Campaign from Anlene via BBDO Singapore

Got Milk? Who cares? #WeAreMore says Anlene in a campaign created by BBDO Singapore which takes the more we kick ass route in a battle against regular ol’ milk.

The aim of the campaign works off the consumer insight that Anlene is these days more associated as a product more suited to the elderly –causing the younger among us to choose regular milk over Anlene. The fight is on. Literally.

“BBDO Singapore was tasked with disrupting this perception that Anlene is only for old people, and demonstrate how Anlene is more than regular milk,” said a statement. “The brand’s mission is to champion all adults to live in their prime and be the best versions of themselves.

“Reframing Anlene with the new #WeAreMore proposition will speak to the evolving narrative of ageing – which is all about living in your prime and continuing to do what you love,” commented Corine Ooi, Global Brand Director for Anlene.

They also use the anything but subtle hashtag #MoreThanMilk.

“We developed this idea to elevate Anlene from being a functional brand, to one which uses its influence to champion a greater narrative in our world and build a stronger, more emotional connection with the men and women who aspire to live healthily everyday,” revealed Rebecca Nadilo, Head of Planning for BBDO Singapore.

The campaign was a regional collaborative effort, with strategy and client management led out of Singapore, and a creative team consisting of people from multiple offices in Southeast Asia, led by David Guerrero, Creative Chairman of BBDO Guerrero.

To go with this new platform and better serve consumers in their different consumption moments, Anlene is also launching UHT packs and sachets. The campaign will launch across Southeast Asia, starting with the Philippines and Malaysia in November 2017.

Source: Branding in Asia

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