Grolsch Turns Brighton Green as Part of Multichannel Campaign

Green Light District activity_Grolsch_Life_2Grolsch, the premium continental lager brand, is launching ‘The Green Light District’ – a multichannel campaign targeting drinkers in Brighton that has been created by integrated experiential agency, LIFE Experience.

The campaign, which takes in experiential, ambient media, social, PR and promotional activity, is aimed at driving consumer engagement and trial of the iconic lager.

Activity kicked off yesterday and will run for eight days across two weeks (from 27th-30th November and 4th-7th December).

As part of the PR push, the usually white-lit Brighton wheel will take on the hue of Grolsch’s signature green – the first time the attraction has ever been changed colour by a brand.

Mobile teams of brand ambassadors will be positioned along New Road, which will also see its lights turned green, handing out ‘District Maps’ highlighting the participating cluster of Grolsch bars. These maps will include directions to the ‘green lit’ bars as well as a coupon for a free bottle of Grolsch. Grolsch will also be branding a handful of Brighton’s tuk-tuks – another first for the brand – for consumers who want to take a ‘taxi’ rather than walk to the Green Light District.

At participating bars – identified by spectacular green lighting effects – consumers will be directed to a table with access to an on-demand waitress service. Grolsch ‘buttons’ will enable consumers to order Grolsch delivered directly to them.

Photographer and light graffiti artist Michael Bonsanko will entertain drinkers with an interactive Grolsch light show with photos uploaded to a super screen for all to see – and will take requests for images. Light graffiti is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source. This will be the first time light expression has ever been used in a UK bar.

Consumers will also have the opportunity to create their own light graffiti. Everyone who shares a photograph on their private Facebook page will be entered into a competition, with the best image winning a trip to a Grolsch Light Graffiti workshop in Amsterdam.

3026-1 GRO Green Light District POS A2 Poster GenericActivity will be supported by social media with the Grolsch Facebook page, acting as the central hub for communication with consumers. Localised posts will encourage Brighton drinkers to visit ‘The Green Light District’ and share their experiences with friends on Facebook.

Sophie Erskine, brand manager at Grolsch, said: “We have some big plans for 2014. The activity in Brighton represents the first of what is set to be a widespread roll out across our key city consumer hot spots, which will include London.

“LIFE Experience has brought together the different aspects of the campaign seamlessly, delivering some exciting firsts for the brand such as turning the Brighton Wheel green – which has only ever been done before by Breast Cancer Care and for Gay Pride. ‘The Green Light District’ activity not only provides a fun and memorable experience for consumers, but the interactive elements will also appeal to our trade customers.”

Sarah Fleming, head of experiential at LIFE Experience, comments: “The aim of this activity is twofold. Firstly, we wanted to remind consumers of the great taste of Grolsch and bring it front-of-mind when they make their drink choices. We also wanted to build on the brand and on-trade relationships, which is why it was so important to provide different types of interaction at the venues.

“Each element of the campaign has been designed to reflect the bold and distinctive nature of Grolsch – creating a seamless consumer experience from street to in-bar. The self-expression element of Michael’s light graffiti fits perfectly with the creative vibe of Brighton and the bold, forward-thinking Grolsch brand. We look forward to taking this activity even further next year.”

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