Hershey’s Launches an “Edible” Chocolate Site

Hershey’s created a promotion that united two passions, chocolate and the internet. Using the “Open Your Mouth and Eat the Site” campaign, the brand launched a challenge for consumers using a site made with real chocolate pieces.

The platform allows consumers who buy Hershey’s products to “eat” virtual pieces and receive an equivalent piece made of chocolate at their homes.

The action was created by the agency Aktuellmix. The agency developed a creative concept inspired by internet trends that focused around the idea of “eating a chocolate site.”

“We thought of an action that could communicate Hershey’s in a unique way to various different profiles and audiences. We have designed numerous different chocolate shapes, as well as fun illustrations. We are sure that everyone will find their favourite piece,” said Fábio Mergulhão, Vice President of Planning and Creative at Aktuellmix.

The agency created more than 150 chocolate molds distributed across 1200 different illustrations that are available for consumers — from symbols related to astrological signs to icons related to pop culture, such as memes. This guarantees that each consumer can choose their own customized design.

Source: Aktuellmix

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