Horlicks India’s New ‘Fearless Kota’ Campaign Throws Light on an Important Social Issue

Kota is the biggest hub of the coaching centers for India’s toughest entrance examinations. Every year, over 1.5 lakh students arrive in Kota, leaving their homes, in the hope that with expert guidance and sustained hard work they will be able to crack these exams.

With heavy financial investments and the pain of leaving family behind, children find themselves in a stressful environment in which there is competition all around, and getting a good rank is all that matters in the world. This stress leads to a phobia of exams, fear of failure and ultimately depression. In some cases, it forces children to take extreme measures to end their lives. Over the years, the toll of students committing suicide has been on the increase.

To do well in the exams, students must study in a stress free environment without the fear of failure. This enables them to face the exams fearlessly.

Horlicks India has launched its latest film by FCBUlka, highlighting that along with other inputs, the right emotional nutrition is needed for children to overcome the fear of exams. This emotional nutrition has been captured in the form of the love and warmth a mother brings to her child when she visits his/her hostel in Kota.

The initiative wherein the moms were taken to meet their children has been captured in the film, underlining the belief that a mother’s love is the best dose of emotional nutrition that helps a child overcome stress and face exams fearlessly.

Source: AdAge India

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