Hot of the Cold Press: New TruVibe Drinks Line Launched

TruVibe_EatClean_Visuals_AllPacks_010316-03Family (and friends) have been working with TruVibe Organics since the brand’s creation several years back. The brand has, up until now, simply packaged up highly nutritional single ingredients, sold through health food stores and pharmacies in the US.

The brand’s big idea is around ‘positive experience’, both from the product and the positive vibes that the brand puts out on shelf.

TruVibe is now moving into pre-prepared products – the first being a rage of drinks that are either possible on-the-go meal replacements, or providing a high level of sustenance for you day.

TruVibe_EatClean_Visuals_AllPacks_FullWrap_020316-02Importantly, they all have what’s regarded as ‘clean’ ingredients – lots of greens, vegetables and no added sugars, salts etc. The design focuses on ingredients to suggest meal-like sustenance.

12424637_1728559407387745_742919790The products will be on sale in both the UK and USA, launched the weekend of March 11-14 at Expo West in the US.

The range architecture is built around 4 pillars of product types:

    • Superfood – which will contain largely superfood ingredients
    • Salad (or Greens)
    • All In One
    • Protein

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