Intermarché Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Touching Addition to Campaign Saga

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Intermarché is back with a new film from the saga “we are producers and retailers to help you eat a little better every day”.

In 2017 Intermarché moved millions with a three-minute film that allowed the brand to cover an emotional territory previously unseen in its category. We discovered a young man who changed his eating habits in order to win the affection of a store cashier, set to the tune of Mouloudji’s song “l’amour l’amour”, which has since had its own revival.

This unique advertising saga, which reflected the brand’s repositioning to focus on eating better, established Intermarché as a leader in growth in France. The campaigns also went on to win the Grand Prix Stratégies and the Grand Prix Effie in France.

For this new film, Intermarché takes us into the daily life of an elderly man who recently lost his wife. He chances upon an old recipe box, and decides to make a dish with her secret recipe, a quest that will revive the memories of his one true love. This time, Benjamin Biolay sets the tone with a cover of Cole Porter’s famous American standard “C’est Magnifique”. 

In the new spot, we find the signature elements of Intermarché’s ongoing saga, with the same team behind its creation: an epic story that speaks to everyone, created by Romance and directed by Katia Lewkowicz, a three-minute format and a French song that becomes its own character within the film.

Strategic and operational marketing manager of Intermarché, Vincent Bronsard said: “In a market where all our competitors have repositioned themselves, it’s imperative that we stay one step ahead by deploying our fight for “better food” everywhere. The year we turned 50 was the perfect opportunity to showcase a generation that grew up with the brand.”

President of Romance, Christophe Lichtenstein, added: “I am delighted that we are bringing Intermarché into popular culture by building a unique territory. This consistency is a guarantee of long-term success when it comes to the brand’s image and business.”

Alexandre Hervé, creative director of Romance, said: “It’s a real challenge to renew such emotion in each film, the result of 6 months of work and dozens of tossed scripts before taking the risk that it’s this story that needs to be told.”

“C’est Magnifique” premiers on TV March 24th and March 27th in cinemas.

Source: Little Black Book

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