IT’SUGAR Looks to ‘Makes America Sweet Again’ with New 3D-Printed Trump Gummies

IT’SUGAR, the cheeky experiential candy retailer, is bringing Americans together in a seriously sweet way. Known for its outlandish candy and irreverent merchandise, one of the world’s largest specialty candy retailer launched an exclusive line of 3D-printed Trump gummies — and they’re going to be ‘yuuuge’.

The sugary snacks — which feature a nearly lifelike replica of the US leader’s face — are orange in colour and flavour. But buyer beware: as the package indicates, they may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

“Candy is universally loved, regardless of what side of the political fence you may sit on,” said Justin Clinger, Director of Product Design & Marketing of IT’SUGAR.

“Our new 3D Trump gummies are one way to make the country a bit sweeter, and perhaps give everyone a laugh.”

The 3D-printed Trump gummies are available only at IT’SUGAR retailers US-wide and on

Source: IT’SUGAR

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