Jameson Team with Anderson .Paak for #LoveThyBar Public Service Announcement in the US

As a brand that grew up in neighbourhoods across the US, Jameson has always celebrated the unique places, sounds, and tastes found only in the neighbourhood bars.

But nowadays, these bars are closing every day. In a time when people are struggling to connect and choosing their couch over their local bar, it’s more important than ever to hold onto the stories, memories and connections that come from within neighbourhood bars and remind consumers of the role they play in shaping their communities.

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson is showing our continued commitment to local neighbourhoods with the new campaign, #LoveThyBar. Jameson and GRAMMY award winning musician and record producer, Anderson .Paak, are issuing a rallying cry to communities around the country; go out, share a drink with friends and support local neighbourhood spots. Because if we don’t show love to our neighbourhood bars, we could lose them.

“To let you know we’re serious, Jameson is pledging up to $1 million towards our program to help consumers try Jameson and support their local neighbourhood bars in America,” said Paul Di Vito, Vice President, Jameson, Pernod Ricard USA. “Consumers will be able to engage with their communities and support their favourite bars with a drink offer from Jameson. This connection to local neighbourhoods across the country is a big part of what has shaped Jameson into what it is today and it’s vital that we show our support and commitment to keeping these institutions of culture and community alive.”

Jameson’s longstanding support for the communities built inside our neighbourhoods spots rings true for Anderson .Paak as well, making him the perfect partner for the brand. Anderson .Paak first unleashed his musical prowess to the world in his hometown bars, many of which have since closed.

“This cause with Jameson is one I can get behind because it’s part of my story. It feels like nearly all the bars that we came up in within our hometown are done, they’re just not there anymore. Music will suffer if we don’t value the local spots, the neighbourhood bars, where you can roll up and play to just the staff if that’s the vibe.

When you are trying to figure out who you are, as an artist or a person, you need to go bounce stuff off real people, new people, strange people and discover yourself through being around others. Get your crew together, go out and #LoveThyBar,” said Anderson .Paak.

Jameson wants to make it easy for consumers to #LoveThyBar this St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, Jameson is so serious about encouraging consumers to engage with their communities and support their neighbourhood bars that they’re offering a rebate on a Jameson drink in select states across the US.

To claim your drink rebate, all you need to do is chat with Jameson through Messenger, head to your local bar, order a Jameson cocktail and submit an image of your receipt through Messenger. Grab a friend and go out this St. Patrick’s Day. Make new memories. Start a conversation over a drink. And #LoveThyBar.

Source: Pernod Ricard

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