KFC Takes Aim at Pretenders in New Campaign by Mother London

KFC pays homage to The Godfather in this brilliant new film created by Mother London, which reminds us that though there are many imitators, there’s only one place to get the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken.

The 60-second spot, directed by Sam Pilling via Pulse Films, features a specially-commissioned performance of the film’s iconic instrumental theme.

It follows the Colonel being driven down a typical UK high street in a red sedan, surveying the host of pretenders to the KFC throne, from GFC (‘Greatest Fried Chicken’) to WFC (‘Wisconsin Fried Chicken’). To show the imitators how it’s really done, he stops off for the serious business of hand-breading some chicken. 

In addition to the TVC, the OOH and press campaign plays on the idea of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, with the full A to Z and sequential letter triplets of chicken shop brands, all featuring the line: “Guys, we’re flattered.”

Hermeti Balarin, Partner at Mother, says: “There’s only one colonel in Chicken Town and his name is Harland Sanders. Capice?”

Source: Shots

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