KitKat Gives Everyone a Break in Valentine’s Radio Ads

KitKat-radio-Valentines-Day-CoverAs part of its successful Moment Marketing strategy for KitKat, J. Walter Thompson has created 2 tactical radio ads designed to point the brand’s witty observations directly at the most romantic of holidays. And possibly make people a little nauseous.

The first, called “I’ll get her”, will be released on 12th February, two days before Valentine’s Day. It features a man deliberating with himself on what to buy for his partner, reeling off idea after idea without any success before the volume is turned down on him and the VO says “Have a break, have a KitKat”.

The second, called “You More” (the nauseating one), will be released on Valentine’s Day and features a love sick couple having one of those toe curlingly embarrassing “no I love you more”, “no I love you more” conversations for the entire 30 second duration before the VO thankfully gives everyone a break and cuts them off.

Haseeb Rahman, Business Unit Head, Biscuits, said: “Valentine’s Day can be a stressful experience for many people, either struggling with a gift idea or wishing that lovesick couple next to you would just disappear, and they all deserve a break. I have to say I love these ads.”

Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “No, I love them more.”

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