Krispy Kreme Launches Social Campaign to Get the UK Salivating

From Bluewater to Braehead and across social media, Krispy Kreme is tempting people in-store for a very special daily event – Hotlight Hour. This is where customers can try an Original Glazed doughnut fresh off the line in theatre stores UK-wide.

Launching June 12 for ongoing roll-out across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the short videos, created by MOFILM, feature vivid coloramas, slow motion footage and confetti cannons, focusing on the joy of tasting the Hotlight Original Glazed doughnuts.

Complete with humorous wide-eyed facial reactions and 1960s jukebox-style diner music, the films celebrate Krispy Kreme’s Hotlight Hour, which allows customers to taste freshly baked hot doughnuts. The taste experience is launching in 11 stores across the UK.

Mike Tinnion, Senior Creative and Content Manager, Krispy Kreme commented: “These films completely capture the joy and fun of Hotlight. During Hotlight hour we can produce up to 270 Hot Original Glazed doughnuts to delight our customers, the experience is like no other”

MOFILM Strategist, Shannon Maclean Arnott said: “We’ve created a social-first campaign that will roll out in phases to build anticipation, and ultimately get people lining up to try a Hot Original Glaze for themselves.”

This is the first dedicated campaign for Hotlight Hour in the UK.

Source: MOFILM

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