Lagavulin Releases Holiday Edition of My Tales of Whisky Series

In December 1966 WPIX, a Tribune Broadcasting Station, pioneered the airwaves with the first ever Yule Log broadcast as a holiday gift to New York City residents who did not have fireplaces. In celebration of the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast, Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky, together with actor, humorist, and woodworker Nick Offerman, ask to be invited into your homes to share their new live-action rendition. It promises to be the most enjoyable fireplace-viewing experience of all time and is coming to a video streaming device near you.

Although WPIX may have started the fire, Lagavulin and Offerman are calling upon holiday revelers across the US to help set it ablaze. Lagavulin and Offerman are requesting that the titans of the TV and video streaming industries replace their traditional Yule Log with this version from 10-11pm each night throughout the holiday season, the preferred hour of after-dinner Scotch whisky enjoyment, perfect for slowly sipping and responsibly savoring Lagavulin. They ask that you also join the cause by streaming during your at-home holiday gatherings.

lagavulintm-scotch-whisky-releases-holiday-edition-of-my-tales-of-whisky-series-null-HROfferman proclaims, “You might be surprised by the calming effect my Scotch-inspired contemplation will have upon your digestion of holiday meats.”

Here are myriad reasons to join Nick Offerman by the fire and raise a glass of Lagavulin to spark a new holiday flame together:

  • You get to spend the holidays with Nick Offerman. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Enjoy 45 minutes of uninterrupted Scotch whisky-drinking bliss and you don’t even need to exchange words. You can just gaze into one another’s eyes. But be careful, his are known to be quite mesmerizing.
  • The majestic ambiance of the flaming log will set the tone for any viewing location whether it be at home or while “working.”
  • His wood is hand-chopped and selected from his vast personal log collection.
  • He’s good with in-laws, they find him quite good looking. Dashing, even.
  • It’s the only log worth watching.

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