Leo Burnett London Reveals the Truth About McDonald’s Chicken & Fries

McDonald’s UK launches a new integrated campaign to drive trust in the brand. Developed by Leo Burnett London and OMD UK, the campaign continues the myth busting approach seen in ‘The Cow’ earlier this year, with the launch of two new TVCs in the campaign, focusing on McDonald’s other core products – chicken and fries.

Launched on Sunday 27th September with three 40 second TV ads, it is McDonald’s biggest investment in a quality and food provenance marketing campaign to date. The trilogy of ads aims to increase people’s trust by acknowledging some of the common misconceptions customers hold around McDonald’s products, before communicating the truth around the quality of the beef, chicken and potatoes that McDonald’s use.

It’s about showing customers the quality of the chicken that goes into Chicken McNuggets (100% chicken breast meat), that Fries are made from real, whole British spuds and 100% beef from whole cuts of forequarter and flank goes into a McDonald’s burger. Each ad focuses around a main character who has been led astray by the myth makers. But not for long as they are soon steered back to the truth by the people who know best, be they farmers, butchers or teachers. The mood of each of the films is upbeat, packaging a serious message in a fun and charming way.

They will launch under the brand’s new customer proposition, ‘Good to Know’, and will direct people to the brand new ‘Good To Know’ website, a platform created by Razorfish, which aims to provide customers with further, interesting content that covers a breadth of McDonald’s food stories.

‘Fries’ and ‘Chicken’ will launch and run in rotation with ‘The Cow’ that launched earlier this year. National press, digital, social media and cinema executions will run alongside the TVC, further bringing to life the journey from ingredients to final product in restaurant.

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