Leo Burnett Moscow’s “A Ring to Bring Them Closer”

Leo Burnett Moscow developed “A Ring to Bring Them Closer” for McDonald’s to raise funds for the House for Moms near the children’s hospital in Kazan (Tatarstan).

The house will allow children who undergo protracted courses of therapy to spend more time with the ones they love.

The effort explored Soviet Union’s tradition of children creating wire rings for their loved ones. To bring this memory back, Leo Burnett asked a group of children from the Kazan hospital to weave wire rings for the people they miss.

Their designs were replicated in a half a million rings which were sold at McDonald’s restaurants all over Russia. The act of charity was supported through TV, online and outdoor advertising.

The campaign resulted in the most successful charity act of McDonald’s in Russia – 505,200 rings were sold in just 20 days. The effort raised more than $500 000 for the House of Moms, which will be completed in July 2013.


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