Leo Burnett Spins A Tale of Friendship for McDonald’s India

As humans we all like to socialise and spend time with our friends and loved ones. One may, however, be reluctant to the idea of converting strangers into friends for the sake of creating new experiences.

McDonald’s new campaign created by Leo Burnett establishes the goodness of “new friendship” in a unique way.

The agency promotes McDonald’s as a great place to meet, connect and share. The brand has expanded its entrée offering to include more bite-sized snack options with the introduction of Chilly Paneer Pockets. The new campaign promotes the brand’s sharing packs starting at just Rs199.

959e3fcc2b05613adfca03a8b0628437Kedar Teny, director – marketing and digital, McDonald’s India – West and South India said, “At McDonald’s, we are committed towards innovating our menu and offering new, trendy value-oriented products for our customers. When it comes to food, customers today, are increasingly seeking more variety and choices.”

“The launch of Chilli Paneer Pockets is aimed at offering variety on our snack menu which appeals to the taste palette of our customers. The Chilli Paneer Pocket is an interesting fusion of our favorite spicy and tangy ingredients, presented in a uniquely McDonald’s way! This product is priced starting Rs35 and helps brand McDonalds deliver Good Food at Great Value,” he added.

The film opens on a teenage girl entering a McDonald’s store. The store is crowded and she is unable to find a place for herself. At a distance a boy is looking at her. While looking for a vacant chair, the girl’s eyes cross the boy, but she looks away instantaneously in search for a chair. When her eyes crosses the boy again, she is baffled to see the chair at his table vacant and is soon pleasantly surprised to find the boy squatting mid-air inviting him to join him. The two exchange smiles and end up having a conversation over a sharing pack.

Screenshot-2015-05-11-20.38.35Commenting on the campaign, Raj Deepak Das, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett, said, “In the previous campaign titled #KuchPalOffline, our communication urged consumers to disconnect for a bit to connect for real. For the new campaign, we decided to showcase a pleasant moment of two strangers coming together and sharing an experience at McDonald’s over a sharing pack.”

He further added, “We don’t mind connecting with strangers in the virtual world. However, when it comes to the real world, we often refrain from approaching them for the fear of embarrassment or rejection. Based on this insight, the campaign depicts how at McDonald’s overcoming our hesitation and being smart can help create new friends.”

“The protagonist uses a smart tactic to grab the attention of a stranger and succeeds in creating a new connection and an experience to cherish. The film is fresh, vibrant and mellow with a tint of playfulness.”

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