Little Swimmer Makes a Splash for McDonald’s in New Saver Menu Ad by Leo Burnett London

McDonald’s has released an endearing swimming gala film as part of its Saver Menu campaign by Leo Burnett London.

‘Swimmer’ is the first of two films directed by Andrew Gaynord – the mind behind We buy Any Car’s Philip Schofield ads, and Curry’s Kitchen Envy.

The film is set at an indoor swimming pool, with a swimming gala in full swing. As a group of young girls line up, stretching in preparation for the race, the enthusiastic little swimmer is getting a little help from her doting mum.

Notoriously difficult to stretch onto heads, swimming caps are the bane of most swimmer lives, but mum is there to ensure all hairs are placed firmly within the cap.

As she steps up to the water’s edge in anticipation of the race, we find out that the swimmer does not have a swimming cap like the rest of her class, but a marigold glove stuffed firmly onto her head, in a fashion similar to the penguin in Wallace and Gromit.

As everyone stares bewildered, her mum looks on proudly, as the voiceover says “Like getting your money’s worth? Then enjoy the new bacon double cheeseburger.”

Source: The Drum

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