Manzanita Sol Introduces “Haz Lo Diferente”

PEPSICO MANZANITA FAMILYManzanita Sol unveiled its new “Haz Lo Diferente” campaign, inviting consumers to embrace their own uniqueness and “Do What’s Different.”

In addition, two new delicious, true-to-fruit flavors – Mango Citrus Sol and Pina Sol – join the current portfolio which includes Manzanita Sol, Toronja Sol and Tamarindo Sol.

To bring the campaign to life, Manzanita Sol enlisted world-renowned percussionist, Rafael Padilla, and international flautist, Pedro Eustache, to create the music for the brand’s award-winning TV commercial using only Manzanita Sol bottles, caps and straws, showcasing a truly creative and unique production technique.

“Manzanita Sol’s true-to-fruit flavors have always been a refreshing alternative to lemon-lime and cola beverages, and now, with the addition of Mango Citrus Sol and Pina Sol, our consumers have even more of an enjoyable selection to choose from,” said Martha Bermudez, Brand Director, Manzanita Sol.  

“From our unique flavors to our innovative commercial music, Manzanita Sol has embraced what it means to ‘do what’s different’ and we’re excited to invite consumers to do the same.”

PEPSICO MANZANITA LOGOManzanita Sol ambassadors will begin sharing how they “Do What’s Different” in their hometowns across visual arts, music, mixology and fashion. Ambassadors include:

  • Carlos Donjuan, visual artist from Dallas, Texas
  • Antonio & Jesus Estrada, fashion designers from San Diego, Cali.
  • Goldie Garcia, visual artist and jewelry maker from Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Sergio Serna, mixology expert from Chicago, Ill.
  • Jorge Villanueva, musician from Los Angeles, Cali.

Beginning May 31 through October, Manzanita Sol will visit major Hispanic festivals and retailers in California, Texas and Chicago to give consumers an opportunity to sample all five flavors in unique and unexpected ways – while doing the limbo, hitting a pinata, playing the drums, dribbling a soccer ball – and share photos of those fun experiences via their social channels.

Mango Citrus Sol and Pina Sol will be available by Memorial Day weekend in key markets, including California, New Mexico, Texas, Chicago and Las Vegas.

The new flavors will be available in 12-oz. single-serve glass bottles and 2-liter multi-serve bottles.

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