Marie’s Salad Dressing Goes Gourmet with New Market Reserve

Sixty years ago, a chef at a quaint café in Seattle, named after its owner, Marie Nordquist, realised he was onto something when customers were lining up for his new blue cheese dressing. It wasn’t long before Marie’s Salad Dressing was bottled for local retailers and eventually expanded with over 40 flavours available US-wide.

Today’s desire for healthier alternatives and adventurous flavours led to the creation of their first sub brand and, to help name and design the new line, they turned to Chase Design Group.

The challenge for the Chase team was to look at how much had changed in the refrigerated produce section and deliver against relevant market trends. This new line is made with carefully selected gourmet ingredients that deliver unparalleled flavour, all for 60 calories or less without artificial flavours or preservatives.

According to Paula Hansanugrum, Executive Creative Director, Chase Design Group: “We developed the name, Marie’s Market Reserve, to evoke going to the market and selecting fresh, artisanal ingredients to create delicious dressings for meals.”

“The overall design features hand-drawn illustrations, clean & modern typography, along with bright colours to support a fresh, gourmet feel. The flavour-forward design strategy emphasises the premium, non-traditional flavours and the fresh ingredients featured in this line,” says Hansanugrum.

Custom watercolour ingredient illustrations add to the handcrafted feel.

“The transparent bottle and shrink-wrap label allowed us to play with the layering of elements to help with shelf stand out and appetite appeal without sacrificing product visibility,” added Hansanugrum.

The colour palette is fresh and vibrant to stand out against the rest of the refrigerated category.

Available in 5 flavours: Smoked Black Pepper Caesar, Meyer Lemon Basil, Wildflower Honey & Lime Vinaigrette, Caramelised Onion & Sesame Seed and Southwest Style Ranch, the 7.75 ounce bottles are designed to encourage trial.

They are currently being sold at Walmart, Stater Bros., and Smart & Final in California. National distribution is rolling out throughout the year.

Source: Chase Design Group

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