McDonald’s France’s New Campaign Shows How Happiness is Just a Drive Away

McDonald’s in France is promoting its drive-through experience as a happy place, no matter what each driver’s day has thrown at them.

The new campaign by TBWA\Paris is composed of a series of images that reminds people that the drive-through is a small moment of happiness when life can be rough sometimes.

The simple-yet-effective illustrations are full of whimsy. All three form a smile as three cars are seen driving from some sort of disaster towards a McDonald’s. In one, a tractor is escaping a UFO that is attacking its farm.

In another, a family in a convertible flees a picnic that was swarmed by bees. A third sees a surf van driving away from a beach where a shark is currently swallowing a surfboard. In all three, the McDonald’s drive-through at the end states: “happiness is on the way”.


Client: McDonald’s France
Agency: TBWA\Paris
McDonald’s Team: José Jacinto, Emmanuel Paon, Alexandra Dedieu
Account Management: Luc Bourgery, Jonathan Serog, Julie Montagne, Solène Pilliard
Executive Creative Directors: Faustin Claverie et Benjamin Marchal
Art Director: François Claux
Copywriter: Swann Richard
Illustrator: Chloé Azulay

Source: The Drum

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