McDonald’s New Master Plan for a More Eco-Friendly Identity

McDonald's New Master Plan for a More Eco-Friendly Identity With the Solar Carports by Giulio Barbieri S.p.A.McDonald’s has decided to renewing its brand image integrating the architecture of its restaurants with a renewable energy source thanks to new solar carports built to offer customers a useful and ecological way to protect their cars.

Alkmaar, Schagen and Burgerbrug are the towns chosen for this experimental project: the installation of a carport for 8 cars manufactured by the Italian company Giulio Barbieri S.p.A with high performance solar panels.

“Our commitment does not stop trying to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of our restaurants by using advanced equipments for the recycling of our packages and to maximize energy saving, but it moves on providing our guests with real sustainable services, that is services powered by renewable energy sources, like the new solar charging station for electric vehicles” says Richard Pach, McDonald’s owner and operator for McBurger Bridge Holding BV.

“If this test is successful, we will be happy to extend the initiative to other restaurants in order to meet our customers’ needs, who are increasingly aware of the importance of a responsible environmental culture”.

“We take great pride in collaborating with a giant of the calibre of McDonald’s, whose efforts, exactly like ours, are mainly put in trying to work according to the respect and protection of the environment” says Giulio Barbieri S.p.A ., president of the eponymous firm.

“Our carports consist of aluminium profiles, recyclable material, which does not require any maintenance over time; in addition our carports can be quickly installed without foundations, respecting therefore the environment and the integrity of the soil.”

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