Mentos makes a big deal about small talk in new campaign by BBH London

Mentos’ new campaign aims to help get people talking in the real world. 

As the sweet snack brand is famous for creating fresh connections, BBH’s creative idea champions small talk. Why? Because it is small, under-appreciated but also very powerful – no connection would start without it.

The campaign builds on the insight that the brand’s audience, 18 to 35 years old, can find it tough to pluck up the confidence to talk to someone new. They need a little boost of confidence to help them take that first step. 

People hate small talk when meeting someone new for a simple reason. It’s painful. The same tragic chats talking about the weather, traffic, your morning, the game last night, kids, holidays, it’s tedious. But it doesn’t have to be this way, what if you talked about amazing things…? 

After two limited editions of printed Mentos Candy, the brand is introducing a limited edition of printed Mentos Gum: gum with a small talk topic’s illustration printed on it. 

In the 60-second film directed by Hungry Man’s Dave Laden, two strangers, who clearly don’t have a lot in common, find themselves in an awkward situation. But Mentos Fresh Talk gum inspires them with a topic to small talk about and they soon make a connection. 

Source: Little Black Book

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