Monteith’s Patriot APA Seeks American Seal of Approval in New Campaign

The beer and wine world is full of awards, brewing titles, and gold medallions. So much so that it is hard for any one accolade to stand out.

That’s why, to launch Monteith’s latest brew, Patriot American Pale Ale, the brewery and Colenso BBDO chose to go after the only piece of recognition that should matter to an American Pale Ale – the official U.S. seal itself.

The campaign launched in april as an open request to the U.S. Embassy in Wellington, the “closest America they could find”.

With blind optimism, requests have been made via a billboard outside the embassy, a full-page open letter in the newspaper, radio addresses, a social media campaign, and a website appeal – all of which were personally addressed to the U.S. Embassy in the hopes of getting approval to use the seal on the beer.

Source: The Drum

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